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Per capita income in dollar terms has decreased in Bangladesh

Per capita income in Bangladesh decreased due to increase in dollar value. At the end of the fiscal year 2021-22, the average per capita income of the people of Bangladesh is 2 thousand 793 US dollars. Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) has released the final figures.

According to BBS published earlier, the per capita income of people in Bangladesh was 2 thousand 824 dollars at the end of 2021-22 fiscal year. The final calculation of gross domestic product and per capita income has been given by BBS on Sunday.

Regarding why the per capita income decreased from the provisional account to the final one, an official of the National Income Branch of BBS said that the per capita income decreased slightly due to the increase in the value of the dollar. When the provisional calculation is done, the price per dollar is taken to be 85 taka 53 paisa. Later, the per capita income in dollar terms decreased slightly due to the price of 86 taka 30 paise per dollar in June.

Meanwhile, the gross domestic product (GDP) growth has also decreased as a final measure. As a final result, the GDP growth in the financial year 2022-23 has been 7.10 percent. A few months ago, this rate was 7.25 percent temporarily.
Because of that, the per capita income has decreased slightly in terms of money. In local currency terms, the per capita income has fallen to just Rs 423. The per capita income was 2 lakh 41 thousand 470 taka. Now it has reduced to 2 lakh 41 thousand 47 taka.

In the last six months, the value of the dollar against the Bangladeshi currency has increased quite a lot. Therefore, BBS officials said that the per capita income in terms of dollars may decrease in the current financial year as well.
Per capita income is not one’s personal income. Per capita income is calculated on the basis of the income received from within and outside a country.