RSS-BJP is in the field with Adani’s nationalist theory

The Adani group wanted to use nationalism as a shield to respond to Hindenburg. That said, Hindenburg’s attack was not against any industrial group. This attack is against India, against Indian democratic institutions to stop the pace of development of India. The objective is to slow down the pace of the Indian economy. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the BJP are also echoing that argument.

The RSS mouthpiece ‘Organizer’ has raised that theory in several articles. They say that India’s fierce rival China is at the root of this plot.

According to the RSS theory, the conspirators are trying to weaken the Narendra Modi government by attacking Adani. If Modi is weak, the economy will suffer. India will become weak. This will not only increase the power of the enemies, but also benefit them economically.

The political slant of articles published in the RSS mouthpiece is aimed at the opposition. By establishing this theory, they are trying to promote the opposition of the country, especially the Congress, as allies of the enemy country.

The theme of an article in ‘Organizer’, the economy of various countries including US, UK, China is still contracted due to Covid. In 2022, the US economy was bad until the second half. China’s growth slowed to 3 percent that year as a whole.

In comparison, India’s economic growth rate in 2023 is expected to be 6 percent. Adani Group is the biggest contributor to the growth of the economy. Infrastructure industries such as roads, air and land ports, logistics; Metals and materials like cement, copper, PVC; They are leading in all types of trade like electricity or consumer goods.

Joining hands with them, Reliance and Tatara are also taking India’s economy to an enviable position. Organizations like the Hindenburg aim to prevent that development. And the power behind it is China and their all-season partner Pakistan.

The Hindenburg Controversy
Another aim of this attack is to demoralize ordinary Indians, says the article titled ‘A Malformed Intent to Hurt India’s Economic Growth’. Billions of Indians have their savings in state-owned and private banks and life insurance corporations. These companies have investments in the Adani group. If the revenue is damaged, the confidence of the common people will also be lost.

The foundation of the economy and political stability will be shaken. The enemy will benefit. According to the registrar, the conspiracy needs to be tackled with the help of law to get rid of it in the interest of the country and the industrialists. It will also reveal the nature of the plot.

Another article is titled ‘Hindenburg-Adani Controversy: Attack on Adani is Continuation of Assaults on Indian Economy’. The report also casts China as the villain—not only in this case, but India’s hostile neighbor to the north has been engaged in economic aggression against India before. For example, in 2018, the copper (copper) smelter of Sterlite Industries in Tuticorin (now Tutukori) in Tamil Nadu was shut down.

It says the organization was shut down with the help of “secular liberal and progressive” media on the false pretext of environmental pollution. As a result, India, which used to export copper, started importing it. China gains, India loses. Later it was found that the ‘smelter’ was not polluting the environment at all.

Even more surprising is the fact that China was funding the UK-based non-governmental organization (NGO) ‘Foil Vedanta’ to campaign against Sterlite, the article said.

According to the RSS, not only this, China also conspired against the Agrarian Act to block India’s economic progress. According to the registrars, Reliance’s Jio mobile tower was targeted by the agitators during the farmers’ agitation. China supported it. Because the Indian government opposed China in the 5G spectrum. Wanted to stop China’s ‘Huawei’ and ‘ZTE’ companies. India’s choice was Reliance.

According to the authors’ theory, the enemy is bent on weakening India in two ways. On the one hand, their aim is to get people like farmers and environmentalists into a movement.

On the other hand, employing technologically advanced experts and organizations such as Hindenburg or George Soros. They also wanted to say that India is showing interest in ‘UPI’ and ‘Rupee trade’ to undermine the dominance of the US dollar. The United States and the European Union are buying oil from Russia in opposition. In this situation, India has to be careful to prevent the attack of the enemy.

RSS feels that economic criminals like Hindenburg must be brought to book. Subscribers of the RSS mouthpiece feel that the BBC’s ‘nasty’ documentary on the Gujarat riots is also part of this conspiracy.