The Prime Minister called upon everyone to work together to increase the education rate

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged all concerned to work together to increase the education rate.

The Prime Minister made this call while announcing the results of HSC and equivalent exams on Wednesday. The event was held at the Prime Minister’s office.

Sheikh Hasina said, “Our education rate should be further increased from the current 75.2 percent.”

The Prime Minister said, ‘After coming to power for the first time in 1996, we increased the education rate to 65.5 percent, but during the previous BNP government, this rate decreased to 44 percent. However, we increased the education rate during the (last) BNP government’s tenure from 44 percent to 75.2 percent.’

Sheikh Hasina expressed her sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Education and those concerned for organizing the examination and publishing the results on time. He said, “We made a rule that the results should be given within 60 days. This time you have given before 60 days. So thank you very much to everyone.

The Prime Minister asked the students to focus more on their studies. Apart from this, he urged all concerned to pay attention to this issue.

The head of government said that the father of the nation said that he wants golden people to build his golden Bengal. In that case, our children today are golden people.
Sheikh Hasina said that students should focus on basic and information technology training during their spare time after the board exams. So that they can make themselves competent. Then they will get benefits to get jobs in the country and abroad.

The Prime Minister said that his government has arranged IT training. It has created many opportunities by establishing incubation centers and digital centers. As a result, besides the regular preparation of exams, students are able to take various trainings related to ICT.

Sheikh Hasina said that the current era is the era of digital devices. So, if students pay more attention to that, there will be employment opportunities for them. Apart from that, they have provided multi-purpose training including the establishment of technical educational institutions in each upazila.

The Prime Minister said that it is not only necessary to pass BA, MA, but at the same time they (students) have to acquire knowledge about information technology. Because, the current era is the era of digital devices.

Sheikh Hasina urged the children to make themselves competent by taking various trainings without wasting time.

The Prime Minister said that his government has nationalized one school and college at each upazila level. Various universities are being established. They are making it possible for children to get higher education by eating at home. His government is providing various scholarships from primary to higher education. They are providing various facilities including training by sending them abroad.

Sheikh Hasina said that her government has given more importance to research, which was once absent in the country. When he came to government in 1996, he first gave separate allocation for research.

The Prime Minister said, ‘We have achieved self-sufficiency in food. It is the result of research.

Sheikh Hasina emphasized on the need for research in science, health and agriculture as well as in other fields.

Pointing out that Bangladesh was lagging behind in education during the rule of BNP, the Prime Minister said, “In 1996, we also had a project to build an illiteracy-free Bangladesh.” In order to make every district illiteracy free, I also declared some districts illiteracy free. Unfortunately, in 2001 we could not come back to the government. After that, when the BNP-Jamaat alliance came to power, those projects were no longer effective.

Sheikh Hasina said that the government wants to build a poverty-free Bangladesh. Its main tool is the educated population. So the government is giving the most importance to education. His government diversified education. Throughout Bangladesh, special attention has been paid to ensure that children can receive education in keeping with the current era. As a result, the education rate has also increased.

Pointing out that the government is giving importance to madrasa education, the prime minister said, ‘We are working for everyone. Already we have included many madrasas under MPO. I have created government job opportunities for teachers.

Sheikh Hasina emphasized on technical education for madrasa students.
Congratulating those who passed the HSC-equivalent examination of 2022, the Prime Minister said, ‘Those who could not pass, should not be upset. Take initiative to do better in the future. Why should our children fail?’